Recently Published Historical Fiction / Fantasy Novel


My first novel, Vikingr, is now available on Amazon Kindle! It is a historical fiction / fantasy novel set in the medieval era at the dawn of the Viking Age around A.D. 900 in present-day Scandinavia, Estonia and Russia.

What is it about?

Vikingr follows the life of a boy named Erikr who takes part in his first Viking, an overseas expedition. The Norse explorers’ goal is to trade with the Roman Empire in the east, but failing that they will resort to pillage and plunder in order to turn a profit.

Their medieval voyage quickly goes awry as hostility builds among the crew. Erikr finds himself ostracized by the older viking warriors and makes friends in unlikely places, among the thralls (slaves) and merchants.

He is soon forced to take on the role of commander of this group and become a dreaded vikingr (Norse seafarer) in order to protect his new allies.

What to expect?

You can expect to be drawn into the violent, gritty world of a medieval viking explorer where you will meet diverse and interesting characters with a range of different personalities.

There are some elements of the thriller and Norse mythology is also present throughout the novel, bringing in tastes of fantasy.

Will Erikr grow into the vikingr he dreams of becoming? Will he be able to keep his crew safe from starvation, murder and hostile strangers?


Click this link to find out or copy and paste the URL below.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

You can also search for “Vikingr” on the Kindle store.


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