A Great Adventure (short story)


Lights Out #3

Sound and light came back, of course they did. But you remember how they returned. You remember how we, people, lived for hundreds of years. We walked softly over smooth pavements, nodded to each other by way of a greeting and only spoke loudly enough that we could be heard. It should have been no surprise, considering how long we behaved as humans, that we eventually became animals again.

The world began to hum around me, an insistent buzzing sound. My heart leapt in my chest and I wanted to dance. It made me almost cry again with joy. If only it had stopped at that, the pervasive murmur of the whole world speaking at once.

‘I’m still alive.’

‘We’re all alive.’

‘What did you expect? There won’t be any more power but that doesn’t mean we’re all going to die. It’ll be like living in olden times again.’

‘You’re right, dear. This will be a great adventure.’

I know who said those words and so do you. Everyone was saying something along those lines that night, other than those who were praying or too drunk to talk. I wish I had not been one of those who spoke so eagerly about their own ruin, but I was.

‘I’ll light a candle.’ I said. ‘This is going to be fun.’

I was young and foolish. You were as well. We had all just been born into a world without light or sound, a world none of us had ever experienced before. We were babies taking our first steps. Of course we fell; nobody could blame us for that.


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You can find out more about a book I wrote here.

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