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Kai is a young woman, daughter of a king. Dark forces have stolen everything from her, the lives of her family and her birthright. But she is willing to sacrifice even more in her desire for revenge.

A cruel tyrant sits on a stolen throne. He holds a terrible curse, one which will tear the kingdoms of the Bronze Isles apart. His twisted ambition feeds a spreading plague across his lands.

In the Hill Places of the mountainous north, Lin prepares to gamble his life and honour. He is a proud warrior, loved by the moon. But he would throw away this divine blessing for a chance to reclaim what he has lost.

In the midst of this world of war and flame, a man with a child’s innocence fights a desperate struggle to survive. He is searching for something that he cannot remember, a song in the back of his mind.

A shadow walks among them, a man who speaks with a silver tongue. His purpose is unclear, but his hand is felt in all their sufferings.

Find teasers from The First Covenant here or here.

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9 thoughts on “The First Covenant Introduction

  1. It is definitely better than the previous cover. I’m not sure what happened earlier, but the flames don’t appear pixelated in this one.

    Just a number of points that strike me (I am very opinionated so feel free to ignore these).

    One would think that black on fire would be very clearly read, but since the background is also black (and the flame is not entirely red) parts of the title are not immediately clear. For example, my mind sort of tilts left of “Covenant” because it is also black. For a split second I check if there is something written there.

    This could be fixed with a stroke or drop shadow (and looking at the larger version I realize there is a drop shadow). If you change up the font of the drop shadow it’ll be more noticable, I think. You could also add a texture to the text to make it more distinguishable from the details around it.

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    1. And this is also a matter of personal preference, but I never care for books with black backgrounds. Dark purple or dark gray transmits the same feeling. I don’t know why. I just don’t a solid black. Again, my own preference. Most, I’m sure, disagree.

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      1. Just to encompass all that I mentioned here, I threw this together. Very rushed: five/ten minutes.

        Purple background allows for a little more color and life. Texture in the text adds more life and adds to readability.

        I hope I haven’t offended you or made a fool of myself. I tend to be very opinionated on things I know nothing about.

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      2. No, you’ve been super-helpful! I think I’ll go ahead and publish but keep working on the cover, playing with different colour schemes. The great thing about self-publishing, you can always go back and fix something after 🙂

        I’ve got a couple of working drafts at the moment with increased brightness or a blue tint… One of them should work!


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