Alone (short story)


Lights Out #6, Finale

I remember how it felt when I found you out here in this empty void of a world. It was weeks or perhaps months since I had seen another person. You do not know how it feels to be utterly alone. The hunger is barely noticeable compared with the overpowering emptiness you feel when there is nobody to share your pain with.

You were lying under a hedge by the side of the road, sheltered from the biting wind. I wonder how far you walked to come here. At first, all I wanted to do was to talk to you for a short while, as I am now, and bask in human company.

Now I see that I cannot do so. You have a child slumbering beside you. Perhaps they are a child of yours, a sibling, or simply someone you took pity on. I can see that you have enough food to look after them. There is a loaf of bread under your arm.

But I do not think that you can afford to share that bread with me. I understand. You are a person and you have a child to care for. On the other hand, I am nothing more than something which survives on the edge of life. I have left humanity behind.

When I try to take that loaf of bread, the only thing which shields you and the child from death, I wonder whether you will try to take my life in return. It does not matter to me whether you do or not. My life ended when the lights went out. This is the final murmuring of humanity before death closes over us; I wonder whether you will live through it. I did not.


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