Goon Girl

Gone girl

Based on a true Wikipedia summary.

Nick ran from one room to the next, a clammy hand dragging distractedly at his hair and the other clasped over his mouth. Sweat ran in great drops down the back of his neck, soaking the collar of his shirt.

“Amy, where are you?” He cried.

There was no response. His blood ran cold like slivers of ice and a chill shot up Nick’s spine. He could not find her, no matter how hard he looked. She was gone, girl.

A muffled shriek came from downstairs. Nick sprinted out of the bedroom and, with his mind turning at the thought of what might have happened to her, he thundered down the steps, two at a time.

Noises were struggling out of the cupboard beneath the stairs. Thumping and clattering mixed with sounds of distress. They were the sounds of a desperate struggle to the death. Nick pulled the door open, prepared to fight with his hair standing on end.

A small spider scuttled out through the open door. It left behind a woman with a red, flustered face. She was panting and gasping for air.

“Hah!” Nick shouted. “Found you. Now it’s my turn to hide.”

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