A Dog, A Kid and A Balloon (short story)

Guest post by Lemongrass

He was an ordinary dog. Black with patches of white on his tummy and a little splash on his forehead.

It was late in the afternoon, but the sun was still strong against the sky. And the tar roads were steaming hot. He trotted on the pavement for awhile, sniffing around, his tongue lolling out.

Beside the garbage dumps, there was some shade and he settled down there licking his paws. After grooming himself, the dog felt overcome with a summer drowsiness.

He started dozing slightly. But his eyes were still half-open, watching a kid standing around the corner.

The kid was jumping trying to reach up to something in the air. The dog lazily pulled his head up and saw that the kid was actually playing with a red balloon all by himself.

Just then the balloon floated down towards him. It tapped him on the nose, teasing.

The boy hurried to get the balloon. He wagged his tail on seeing the kid nearing. The little boy got hold of the string of the balloon and cuddled the dog a bit. The dog felt his eyes close in pleasure as he turned his moist snort upwards to caress the boy’s little hands.

The balloon floats out of the boy’s hold again. The boy gets up and goes running down the street chasing behind it.

The black dog opens his eyes searching for his missing playmate.

You can find Lemongrass’ blog here.


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