Returned to Life (short story)


Turnkey #6

(inspired by a quote from A Tale of Two Cities: “returned to life”)

Everything had passed beyond the bleakest shade of darkness into absolute nothingness. Whoever the person had been, they were not any more. It was far grander than silence, more total than blindness. But after maybe an eternity, maybe an hour, there was a stir.

Gil could suddenly feel herself. Or, more accurately, she could feel parts of herself. She was scattered in a thousand pieces across a tremendous void of black nothingness, but slowly she was being pulled back together.

Someone held a part of her in one hand. She tried to plead with them to be gentle, not to harm her any more, but she had neither voice nor movement to communicate with. Like a potter throwing together lumps of wet clay in his workshop, the healing hands crushed Gil back into a form which was human.

Her senses gradually returned. First there was the feeling of a burning ache in every inch of her new body, more agony than any person could bear. Then there was the smell of raw flesh and hot, acrid smoke filling her nostrils.

Hearing brought to her a roaring clamor of sounds which threatened to split her eardrums, no louder than the whisper of the wind to one used to having ears. Sight was a blessing when it came, because standing over her was the wonderful being with bright hair.

It had tempted her, it had tricked her and it had killed her. And she loved it with more fierce passion than could be contained inside her chest.

When her voice returned, Gil screamed. She screamed for as long as her breath lasted and when it had run out, she screamed in silence. But she was alive.


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