The First Covenant (Elements #1) Teaser


Here’s a teaser from The First Covenant, an upcoming fantasy novel

Kai felt the dew creep between her toes as her foot pressed into the thick carpet of moss and wild grass. Frost crunched beneath her heel where it had formed a crystalline cage around the stems of dandelion and daisy the night before, waiting to melt in the sun’s morning rays.

Her slow journey led over gently rising and falling slopes of grey grassland beneath a hollow black sky. Ahead of her she could make out a more solid and structured darkness, rows of tall stone monoliths standing in a wide circle, each pair carrying the weight of a third across their tops.

She had begun walking from her camp on the bank of the river as the stars began falling from the sky, heralding the coming of daylight. Now she quickened her pace to reach the standing stones first.

It was imperative that when the father came, he would find her already waiting for him. Her foot dropped further than she had expected, breaking the surface of a brackish puddle and flinging droplets of brown water up the hem of her tunic.

Her balance thrown, Kai stumbled and felt the earth rise to meet her. Having come to rest on her hands and knees, wet soil staining her palms, she raised her face towards the east. A glimmer caught her eye, a reflection of light on the underside of rainclouds ripe to burst.

Kai dug her fingers into the soft slope, lifted herself and ran the last several strides to the near side of the henge. Her breath came fast and ragged as she leaned against the tall stone. She felt the cold from its face seep through her wet palm, travelling up her arm and raising the hairs on the back of her neck. With a shiver she withdrew her hand to see the dark outline it had left on the pillar.


You can find another excerpt from The First Covenant here.

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