Worldkiller (short story)


Worldkiller #1

The last few steps were always the hardest. I could feel the plates of bone in my knees rubbing raw against each other. No cartilage left to soften the scrape and grind.

But I had reached my destination with the dragonfire burning hot in my thundering heart. It spread a pulsing heat through my body, sending my spirits soaring among the clouds.

I stood on the roof of the world, the peak of a tapering granite-sided mountain rising many thousands of leagues above the valleys below. It was a wrinkled finger, a jagged dagger piercing the sky’s belly. White mist bled down its sides.

My hands trembled as I lifted them up high to the heavens and made the dragon call. Music light as air and sweet as honey flew from my mouth, sounds I could never make before another human.

My call was answered. From the black depths of space a darker shape emerged. Its scales were coal black, it’s eyes fiery red. The dragon swished its tail and bright stars vanished from the eternal night beyond.

Nightmare black wings spread out and began to fold the world in their smothering embrace. The sun’s rays struggled and failed to pierce its obsidian hide.

On the surface of the world below, everything slowly began to rot and die in the gathering gloom until only a small island of life remained at the foot of my mountain.

I laughed as eternal night fell across the world.


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13 thoughts on “Worldkiller (short story)

  1. I liked this tiny piece. It caused my mind to try to fill all the spaces in between and I enjoy it. I’ll have to come back when I have more time and read more of your stuff.

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