Here’s a great post by Leann I thought I’d share. Can you ever be too old for fantasy?

The Ohioan

Wildwood_by_Colin_Meloy_coverWildwood, book one in The Wildwood Chronicles, written by Colin Melot (singer/songwriter for the Decemberists) and illustrated by Carson Ellis is delightfully complex. Billed as a children’s fantasy novel, Wildwood certainly delivers in both imagination and childhood whimsy. Melot’s startlingly emotional plot and surprising eruptions of frank violence, however, create a compelling story for any adult reader.

Any adult reader who tolerates talking animals, that is.

Based in Portland, the story centers around an Impassable Wilderness where heroes Prue and Curtis must face battling armies of hipster-fashioned-ruffians and uniformed coyotes to save Prue’s baby brother, Mac, from the crows that kidnapped him. As the main characters are twelve and most of the supporting cast isn’t human, a certain level of suspended reality is necessary for Wildwood. For me that only adds to its charm and success.

Wildwood3_LRG._V154752940_Wildwood was a refreshing break from academic reading and historical fiction. It was also a good reminder…

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