Of Lilies And Marshmallow

Chapter 1

I carried the bed covers Grandma gave me from her cupboard and threw myself on the bed. The ceiling fan in my Grandma’s bedroom couldn’t pick up good speed even when one adjusted the speed to the highest on the regulator. ‘No use of comforters’ I said to myself. The present moment was the only time of the day I felt relaxed.  As I lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, fingers of both my hands forming a lock across the back of my head, I thought of all the events that had occurred that day prior this current moment of relaxation, all moments leading to an adrenaline rush along my veins.

(3 hours back)

It’s the 5th day of vacation and I’m already running short of ideas that would keep me from wasting my vacations.

“What is that smell? Seems like somebody burning plastic.” Said…

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