Scafell Pike #5

A world of black, utter darkness, surrounded by a narrow ring of light. That was all Lu could see and her only point of reference in a confusing, empty void of a world. It seemed so fitting to her.

That was how the world had always seemed, empty. There was nothing for her to focus on, nothing to drive her forward. She had given up long ago. But then a point of light appeared right at the centre of the void.

It reminded her of something, some purpose that she had forgotten. Concentrating as hard as her pounding head would allow her, she tried to remember what it was she wanted and why she was there. She tried to imagine what had persuaded her to go on living, not to throw herself off the mountain’s summit.

As the memories crept back into her mind, the point of light swelled until only a thin haze of blackness remained, a shadow of despair in her mind. She sat up and looked around at the hills and valleys, the high peak rising behind her. All were flinty grey in the darkness of dusk.

Ahead of her a pair of large boots had trampled grass and scuffed mud in a trail leading down from the mountain. For all that she tried, she could neither remember the killer’s face nor imagine why he had not finished her off.

But she swore to herself as she sat on the damp earth, rubbing the bruises on her neck, that she would continue to hunt the killer. It did not matter if she died, so long as she could live long enough to see his face.


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