Story for a Moment

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What is a book? You might as well ask what music is, or a poem. Whichever question you ask, the answer is the same. It is a story which lasts a moment.

You sit, relaxed in your favourite chair. It is not the most comfortable chair, the one you might sleep in, but it is your favourite nonetheless. In that seat you can feel your whole body relax. It is an island fortress, a place which all the complications and concerns of your life cannot reach.

What is the weather like on your peaceful island? If it is cold then certainly you have a mug of tea or coffee by your side, otherwise a cool drink to fight the sweating heat of summer. It is close enough for you to reach, but you do not hold it.

Your hands are occupied in propping open the book on your lap. It is a simple book, neither too weighed down by the need to educate nor racing with fast-paced thrills. It is a quiet book, but do not let that fool you.

Between its pages are buried countless intriguing people you have yet to meet, exotic places you must visit, and events which will tug you first one way and then the other. But you cannot explore all of its pages now.

For the moment, that is exactly what it will be, a moment. It is the spreading warmth as you sip your tea, the dozy sigh as you ease into your chair and the curve of your mouth into a smile as you read the first page. The story lasts a moment, then the next begins.

What do you think a book is? Feel free to let me know in a comment, or write your own post on this theme and tell me where to find it.


7 thoughts on “Story for a Moment

  1. For me a book is an escape from reality. You learn about new things and they introduce you to so many different worlds and perspectives. They are new beginnings and also old friends. Books are so many things to me.

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