Lemon and Lime

A little something to refresh you on this hot day…

The sun was beating down on the back of Cat’s neck with such intensity that she could feel the heat radiating through her body. If she turned her head, she could hear her own pulse as the blood throbbed to her ears. 

It was too much. She dropped the shovel and walked through parched summer grass,straw yellow and blighted by drought, and up onto the shady porch.

For as far as she could see, everything which had been lush green only a week ago was now brow and amber, with a hot haze hanging over it. The air itself seemed to shimmer as it cooked in the summer sunlight.

There was a jar waiting for her on the porch, dark cola suspended among blocks, rocks and bergs of ice. It was so cold that the glass jug’s sides were frosted and she could almost feel the chill from a few feet away.

Cat poured some into a glass, listening to the ice clinking together. Afterwards, she took up a cut segment each of lemon and lime. Their insides were plump with fresh, zesty juices. She squeezed a small measure into the glass and took her first sip.

Cool bliss spread through her and a smile lit up Cat’s face. It was a heavenly feeling. She sighed with happiness, picked up the axe and set to chopping up her lover’s corpse under the shade of the cool veranda.


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