Scarlet Murder Release

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My first crime / mystery novel has just become available on Amazon Kindle. It’s a new genre for me, so something of an experiment. I’ve already posted a prologue and introduction. It’s quite a short ebook, but reasonably priced.

Here’s what it says on the tin:

“If your fiancé suddenly asked you to go on an early honeymoon, would you say yes?

When Jack begins behaving oddly, Scarlet wishes she hadn’t. But little does she know that the holiday from hell will soon be taking a terrible turn for the worse.

Unsettling mysteries, tragic murder and a cold-blooded assassin stalk a young couple’s romantic getaway on the Spanish coast.

Scarlet Murder follows the experiences of a woman who is desperate to discover the truth and catch a heartless killer.

But can she succeed before the murderer turns his attentions towards her? And how does the death of a laid-off construction worker turned petty arms dealer connect the dots?”

Buy the ebook here.


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