Dark Dream

After a long day, I sank back in my favourite chair and set my weary feet on top of the coffee table. It wasn’t my intention to sleep, all I wanted to do was close my eyes and let the warm embrace of darkness, stillness, fall over me. Of course, I slept.

I stood before an opening in the living, breathing rock and it seemed to be inviting me to enter. There were mysterious patterns in the stone, ribbons of silver and ageless mosaics in emerald, ruby and topaz blue.

My feet carried me down into the gathering gloom and then, suddenly, they betrayed me. I slipped on the smooth stone floor made slick by dew falling from needle-like formations of twisted rock.

A chasm, black and forbidding opened before me and I tumbled through it to land in a pool of icy water. Shivers racked my body and, with bloodied blue fingers, I tried to claw my way out.

I awoke in my favourite chair, goosebumps pricking my skin and every hair on my head standing on end.


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