Odd’s Fear

Cold sweat pricked the back of Odd’s neck. He was shaking, but not from the cold for it was cosy and warm inside the tavern. His body quaked with fear as the strange warrior banged his fist against the table again.

“Who are you?” Odd asked in a trembling voice.

“No time for that.” The warrior snapped. “Come with me, now!”

Just as the stranger turned towards the door, they heard what sounded like the patter of rain against the roof. An arrow with a flaming shaft cracked into the doorframe. More bright orange and yellow flames licked at the rafters. Smoldering red embers rained down around them from the burning thatch above their heads.

The warrior darted towards the back of the tavern and hauled open a small timber service door. He beckoned for Odd to follow him just as a wooden beam crashed into the centre of the room, sending glowing sparks flying around it.

Does Odd…

a) follow the man.

b) run the other way.


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