Odd’s Flight

Odd stumbled out of the chair, tripping as he did so. With a sharp jolt of pain his knee hit the hard wooden floor. He cursed and turned over, lying sprawled on his back. The warrior had staggered backwards, surprised by his sudden movement.

He kicked out his leg and the overturned chair clattered against the warrior’s shins. The strange man bellowed with rage, but Odd was already dashing past him towards the open door.

With a jubilant cry, he burst out into the bright sunlight outside the tavern. His blinded eyes struggled to adjust to the harsh light and Odd thought he saw shadows creeping into the edge of his vision.

The breath was knocked out of his lungs as something smacked into his chest. Four more arrows followed, piercing his leather jerkin and tearing deep through his flesh with sickening wet thuds.

Odd fell, gasping his last breaths.


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