Here’s a sequel to Vikingr where you get to decide what happens next. Read on to find out how.

Odd awoke in a daze, bringing his head up to take in his surroundings. At first, he wondered why the sleepy haze over his vision hadn’t dissipated yet. Then he realised that it was no product of sleep or dazedness.

Smoke, thick and black was billowing out from the untended fire in the central heart. A table had been overturned into it and now half of its carved timber body was charred black, glowing with scars of red ember.

“What happened last night?” Odd asked himself.

His eyes snapped open as he caught the familiar scent of freshly spilled blood. It was an earthy, putrid scent that reminded him of battle and fallen friends. There was no sign of his companions with whom he had sailed through hostile lands, murder and war.

A heavy mailed fist slammed down on the table in front of him, making him jolt backwards. The throbbing ache in his temples spoke of too much ale the night before. Odd looked up and saw a grim pair of flint grey eyes beneath a shining iron helm.

Does Odd…

a) hit the man.

b) run away.

c) ask the man his name.

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