11 thoughts on “Cover Help

  1. Much better, would recommend enlarging title font size. Remember people will be scrolling through thumbnails. Love that font though 🙂

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    1. That’s where I’m running into trouble. If I increase font size, “Covenant” is too large to fit on the page!

      Any suggestions for how I can work around it?


      1. Find out if your program allows you to increase height but not width, that might help. See if you can increase by decimals as well,then you can get a bit larger without going over the edge. 🙂 good luck!

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  2. Can you run Covenant vertically down the page under ‘First’? It would make somewhat of a cross with ‘The First’…just a thought….

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  3. How about fitting the title onto the upper portion of the cover – and keep that portion free of fire? In other words, don’t allow the fire to take over all of the blank space available. It still would be quite different from your earlier/est idea but leave it looking more professional than a cover completely ‘on fire.’

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