True cover

Here’s an extract from my fantasy novel, now available on Kindle.

Lin turned his head sharply. A tangle of wiry black hair sitting on top of an angular, sneering face protruded from behind a nearby boulder. Two small hands with stubby fingers groped their way out of the shadows. Seeing that they were empty, Lin let his own hands drop to his sides.

“What do you want, Col?  Have you come for more talk?”

“If it pleases you to talk, I will.” The man-like creature crawled up to perch on top of the boulder. “You know, we could use a man like you in the warrens. You have strong arms and a long reach. You would be useful when men come to hunt us and axes swing.”

“I’ll never join you in those pits you call a home, Col. I see no reason in living when all life brings is days of sneaking through dark holes, stealing sheep away from shepherds’ flocks.”

“You stole a sheep yesterday, Silvering. I was watching. You ate part of it as well. Don’t pretend to be too noble for common theft.”

He had to admit that the skulking creature was right. Lin was as much of a thief and an outlaw as Col was. Perhaps he should have taken some of the fresh mutton to share with the people in the warrens. But he quickly dismissed the thought. Col’s folk were not people, they were sick animals.

“I ate a leg of mutton, yes. Now I’m beginning to wonder how many of your creatures it takes to carry away a sheep’s carcass while you distract me.”

“It only takes two.” Col said with a smile. Lin turned and took a step away from the edge of the outcrop. “And three more ready to cut your neck if you try to stop us.”

“You’re a snake.” Lin spat.

“We’ll keep the meat fresh for you in the tunnels, Silvering. Don’t worry; we have women there to keep you warm. You won’t need to spend any more nights singing to the moon.”

A dry chuckle sounded from just below the lip of the outcrop. Lin booted a loose stone in the direction of the noise. He bent and picked up a larger rock, but when he turned to throw it at Col’s shrivelled head, there was no sign of the creature.

You can find the full ebook here!

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