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Stones crunched under Erikr’s feet. They had made it to the beach. Men lined the side of the longboat, hammering sword, spears and axes against their shields. Erlingr and the other karls raced ahead, their feet pounding on the wooden planks of the pier. Erikr tried to run faster but all of the muscles in his legs burned. Suddenly, he was dragging his burden alone. Turning back, he saw Alva sprawled on the beach with her hands clutched around her ankle. He dropped the deer’s heavy carcass and sprinted back to her.

“It twisted!” She cried.

Men and women poured out of the meadow, their faces contorted with rage as they saw their enemies climbing aboard the ship. Then they whooped in victory at the sight of Erikr and Alva crouching halfway between them and the pier. The enraged crowd surged down onto the beach. Erikr hauled Alva to her feet and dragged her down the stony slope. Their feet slipped and skidded on the wet rocks as they drew closer to the longboat. On board the ship, the karls shouted and gestured wildly behind them.

Alva’s ankle gave out at the pier. Feeling her weight pulling down on his shoulder, Erikr looped his arms under hers and hauled her down the walkway. Rough hands reached down and dragged them both up over the bulwark and onto the deck of the longboat. They lay panting where they were deposited as oars were brought over and braced against the pier. The longboat slowly drifted away from the shoreline while howls of impotent rage burst from the mouths of their frustrated pursuers.

You can find Vikingr by clicking this link!

8 thoughts on “Vikingr Teaser

    1. Thanks for asking! It’s an ending used for subjective nouns in Old Norse. While I wrote the story in English, so the ‘r’ is superfluous, I thought it’d make it a bit more unusual/authentic. What are your thoughts on it?

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      1. Also, Vikings have always fascinated me (and not just because of Thor and the Marvel movies!). I’ve been listening to a lecture series from a history professor at Purdue University on the Vikings. It’s so interesting it feels like an audio book.

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      2. They were up to all sorts. Another fun fact: down feathers were a big part of the medieval Scandinavian economy, so imagine a viking warrior sleeping on a soft feather mattress!

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