True cover

Here’s an extract from my fantasy novel, just for you!

Arik moved deeper into the heart of the mountain. Living rock pressed in on him from all directions. Water seeped through the limestone, making the walls of the tunnel damp to his touch. It was too dark to even see which way led down and which led up. Arik had to run his hands along the smooth stone to feel his way.

A dim pinprick of light came into being far ahead of him. It had a pale, otherworldly glow to it. After a hundred steps he entered the moonlit hollow and inspected the opening in its ceiling. A narrow tunnel shot up for many leagues through the mountain to catch the light of the moon.

“Your people are more inventive than I would have guessed.” He said.

Something stirred on the other side of the cavern. It rested beneath a thin blanket of furs on a hard ledge of stone. With a groan, the creature beneath raised itself into a sitting position. Arik went to stand by the bedside and looked down at his host.

The creature’s back was bent and its skin was paler than parchment. Two bloodshot orbs blinked out into the moonlight from a disfigured skull. One side of its head had been caved in and an ugly red scar ran down its scalp and across its brow. But there was a brutal intelligence in its seeping eyes.

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