Useless Book Club

Cover 2

-Vikingr now has a prologue, so here it is!-

Erikr felt his eyes dart to and fro in their desperation to avoid the ghastly sight. He heard the incessant throb of his heart pounding in his ears. He could not understand what he was seeing, unable to make sense of it.

Looking down at his arms, it seemed like they were wrapped in crimson gauntlets. Thick blood clung to his skin, crusting around his arm hair and running down between his fingers.

He tore his gaze away from the mangled thing on the ground and blinked at the sudden, harsh sunlight. Hot tears stung in his eyes, breaking the fierce glare into many blinding rays of light.

Looking away achieved nothing. The image of what lay at his feet remained like a horrific tapestry hanging at the front of his mind. It was a savaged pile of flesh, carved and…

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