The Fair Folk of Galway

Here is a wonderful tale by Meg Sorick!

Meg Sorick, Author/Artist

Along time ago, before Fergus the giant lived on the West Coast of Ireland, and before there were men in that land, a race of fair folk populated the island. They were tiny folk, about half the size of a man. They had pale eyes, either blue or green, and hair the color of spun gold. They had learned to be quick and clever for at that time, wolves and bears still roamed the land.

The fair folk were good at living off the land. They knew which berries were good for food and which ones were poisonous. The same was true with the mushrooms and tubers that grew in the forest. In fact, the folk were so good at it, they didn’t need to plant crops. They trapped wild fowl and hare and fished in the sea and foraged in the woods and the meadows for the vegetation that…

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