The streets were still. As if the whole town slept. But the sun was bright. A yellow orb high above. Blinding, hot, glaring. Stillness and silence all throughout. Something heavy in the air. A pressure waiting to be released. Silence.

A boy looked out. Pale face in a dark window. A distant face. Hardly there, dreaming. A ghostly face.

Then the clouds broke and the empty, dust-blown street in front of him was transformed. His eyes widened and colour seemed to flood back into his face. Red cheeks, tanned skin and a flash of green in his hazel eyes.

He ran out, whooping and cheering into the world of heavy silence and found that it did not exist. It had been a long, sluggish dream of heat and weariness. Now, that had passed and everything was brought with sudden force back into life. The world had awoken and it was calling to him in a proud, insistent roar.

Rain rattled at the street, battering and drumming on its surface. The air around him was a thousand thick showers of rainfall wrapping him in a cascading cloak. He tilted his head upwards and beamed towards the sun, hidden behind the choking mass of cloud and pattering deluge.

Thunder gave a lion’s roar that shook the earth beneath his feet.

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