I have two questions for you.

Firstly, how and from where do I get a custom domain name? Are there any benefits to having one?

Secondly, I’ve noticed that a few bloggers are somehow making their posts re-publish themselves. I’m not talking about reblogging an old post. This is the same post with all of its comments and likes included, but it’s back in the news feed. How is this happening? The publishing date shows as today, but there are comments dating back months. Have you noticed this? Is it a poor trick or a useful tool? How does it work?

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you all of these questions (I realise I exceeded my two question quota) and giving nothing in return. Successfully answer these riddles and I will… well I guess I’ll just check out your blog a lot today. Until they invent e-pints so I can buy an e-round, that’s the best reward I’ve got!

18 thoughts on “Two Blogging Questions

  1. Domain name? Go daddy is popular. I got mine from wordpress I believe.
    Re-publish posts? You got me curious because I know I can do that on the Facebook business page I edit and post for, and on my Facebook group page, like set it up to show on a certain day and time, but when I went to my WordPress I can’t figure out how to do it. Maybe because mine’s a free WP?

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  2. I customized my domain name at WP but you can do it through google, too. I think it’s more professional looking and I’d have to check my stats but I’m seeing a steady increase in followers not just here but on other social media platforms as well. Also, I had the same thing happen in my reader yesterday, the same post kept showing up at the top of the feed. I got so irritated, I unfollowed the blog! (Sorry if you’re reading this, blogger!) So I’m not sure how great a marketing tool that is. I also hate getting spammed on Twitter and that felt like the WP equivalent. But hey, that’s just me!

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  3. I got my domain name through WordPress by upgrading my free account, and I had a few problems, but their online support through chat helped me out so much. They were really friendly!!
    That’s a good question about the second part. I had reposted something yesterday, but it was a whole new post. Nothing carried over with it.
    Im pretty new, so I can’t say if having my custom domain has helped. Once I bought it, I started social media too.
    There is a premium business account you can upgrade to on WordPress (I don’t have that one) maybe that’s part of the package, like the “sponsored” posts on FB.
    Good luck finding the answers!!

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  4. Ohhh, Yinglan knew how to do it. Many bloggers like to re-blog their older posts. Power bloggers call it spinning. If they produce many posts then they can do this more rapidly by using older posts in succession with newer ones. I was wondering how they did without reblogging as well.
    I was actually thinking of doing it with a few older posts but with a preface that it was an older post, only because I only had like ten followers at the time…and only with the preface that it was an older post I was reposting. I am not a fan of spinning posts. But others like to do it. I am also not a fan of tons of reblogs of old posts either. But each blogger has their own thing.
    The domain name is questionable to me. There are two versions you can update to that will give you one through WP, each with a different cost level. Of course, you there are other sites you can go through as well, but then using WP, I am unsure of the ease of use. The thing about the domain change is I have heard others having major issues when they switch over. But, you get other services as well, which I have also heard complaints about. If you want your name of your site protected..paying for the domain is the way to do it. That would be the benefit. : )

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    1. I think I’m tempted to repost oldies for similar reasons. I’ve got over a hundred short stories buried in my blog’s archives and the reality is most of them will never be read again. There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that a reader would have to make a big effort to find them.
      Thanks for the detailed response and sharing your thoughts!

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      1. Why don’t you start a page and just post a few old stories there? What I’ve done on my blog is call my page “Sarah’s Quirky Tales” and posted a few pieces of flash fiction, plus excerpts from some longer stories published elsewhere, as well as an invitation to type Friday Fictioneers into Search and read further pieces of flash fiction. Obviously, you can tailor your page as you like, but maybe just have a list of links for people to click on, putting them under category headings.

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  5. I think the domain name thing really depends on the audience you’re blogging to. I’ve seen a lot of book blogs that review in the same genre as me, and those with customized domain names seem to have the same level of popularity as ones that are .wordpress.com or .blogspot.com. I think a customized domain helps, but I also think you can get the same flow of visitors with a tiny bit more work. People don’t generally type a blog address out… they click a link, so you just need your blog name to be known so people will click that link when they see it on social media or other forums.

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  6. I think someone has already answered your first question but it spinning and I use it, it just helps gets the posts from a few months ago back up, because obviuously not all your new followers are going to go through your old posts. So just use a quick edit and republish it.

    I love it

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  7. A custom domain name can be useful if you have somewhere to throw it around. Think how useful changing your phone number to something cool would be if nobody knew the number…

    I have social media and a podcast of the same name so it all ties in nicely. Also, people, by their very nature, are lazy- so by shortening the domain name to something easier to remember and quicker to type I think you increase your chances of someone visiting again.

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