This year I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo! I got off to an uninspiring start but have managed to churn out 3,646 words today so I’m back on track.

Enough about me, I’d like to find out what you’re writing this month. If you’re taking part then add me here: or else comment below telling us what your story is!

28 thoughts on “My NaNoWriMo (and yours!)

  1. I’m off to a horrible start too. I haven’t written a single word. School decided to blast me with three major exams that had left me with literally no time to write. I hope to write a little this weekend but I doubt it.

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    1. It’s not too late to start! Last year I only wrote 28,000 words all month, but it was the first time in my life I’d written that much in a single month. Do what you can! Some is better than none.

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    1. From the three sentences you have I can tell it’s going to be an exciting read with interesting, unique characters!

      Can you add a bit about setting so we know where and when the novel happens? Also, which genre is it?

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  2. I did NaNo last year for the first time and self published my novel Richard Liveth Yet in May. It is a time travel novel about Richard III. I am editing the sequel but I thought I’d use NaNo to get the bulk of the third part of the trilogy done – I’m up to 10.000 words now. My strategy is to try to get ahead when it’s all flowing so that I can have a break if I need to.

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    1. It’s tempting to do that Clara, I know, but NaNoWriMo is only meant to be a first draft, which means you don’t have to worry about changing anything – just get the words down and you can change them about later. Don’t even worry about bad grammar or spelling at this stage. I find it very freeing!

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    2. Turn off the inner editor. She has no place in NaNoWriMo. Anne LaMott gives writers permission to write sh*tty first drafts. Editing as you go is like writing with anchors on your wrists. You barely get anything done. It’s going to change, anyway.

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  3. My inner editor is bound and gagged until December. That allowed me to get to 25k last night… Though I should add that I’m not nearly halfway through the story line – my characters have taken me on delightful tangents.
    Good luck with your writing.

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  4. I have even less than that. I ended up having to start over once I realized I was being contradictory to how I wanted my main character portrayed. Which is completely frustrating cause now i have to rethink situations I’ve already placed her in and come up with a different out come. There are already three situations where I had to either loose the situation or change it completely. It’s so frustrating,

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  5. I’m 18,399 words into The Night Runner. Obsessed with the idea that her recurring dream holds the key to locating a missing child, Audrey Harmon conducts her own search, discovering an underground society of runaways and battling forces that do not want them found.

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  6. I had a great start, but have been stuck for a long time. My story is Earth, 100 years into the future. While natural disasters have now become common place and threatening the future of the human race, it is discovered that aliens are living among us. Akira,who lost her brother when she was younger, has just graduated from College, and is excited to be working to save the existing animals that are left. She becomes directly involved in attempting to save Earth, and the human race.

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      1. In terms of the story, it’s rolling along at a pleasant pace. In NaNoWriMo terms, my progress is sluggish at best. I’m several thousand words behind target but taking time to enjoy the sights 🙂


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