Let’s Play A Game!

World Map

So, you’re planning to write a story set in Europe or the US? How well do you really know those places? Let’s play a short game to find out!

All you have to do is write up a list of every state in the US you remember and see how many you get. Then do the same for countries in Europe.

To make it more interesting, you can time yourself and try to finish in under 6 mins. Here’s my score…

US states: 27/50.

European countries: 36/51.

And then it got silly…

English counties: 0/48 (Hampshire/Lampshire/Crampshire/The Shire?).

UK countries: 4/4 (Olde England, Cold England, Jolly England, Foggy England).

But in all seriousness:

  1. Hampshire
  2. Warwickshire
  3. Bedfordshire
  4. Gloucestershire
  5. Pembrokeshire
  6. Lancashire
  7. Hertfordshire
  8. Yorkshire
  9. Oxfordshire
  10. Cambridgeshire
  11. Shireshire (sorry, couldn’t take it seriously)

6 thoughts on “Let’s Play A Game!

  1. My geography fail is a primary reason I set my book where I live. Plus much cheaper costs to research locales. And by that I mean I’m counting bars and restaurants as research. Mostly bars.

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  2. Europe : 0 (I’m not well traveled)
    USA : 11 (off top of my head)
    South Carolina
    North Carolina
    New York
    New Mexico

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  3. You need to learn the song, “Fifty Nifty United States.” I learned it in 5th grade and ever since then I’ve been able to list all 50 states in alphabetical order in something like 3 minutes. In 8th grade I had an annoying social studies teacher who said that he didn’t think any of us in his class could name all 50 states, and if anyone could, he would buy them lunch. So I got out my piece of paper and wrote all 50 states. Back then lunch in the cafeteria cost about $1, so that’s what I won.

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