The Book of Fred: Lessons 1-3


About the author

Fred is a homeless man living beneath an underpass on the outskirts of the Los Angeles – Fransisco megacity, year 502 A.R. (After Reckoning). His hobbies include preaching his autobiographical gospel and antique megaphone repair.

As of the date published, Fred remains entirely dependant on the American Atheistic Congregation for his financial solvency. He has yet to tell them about his life’s work.

Lesson 1

Fred walked in the world and, as he went, he looked about him. With eyes opened, he saw that his world was in peril.

Therefore, he decided that the world had been wanting, and that want had become a desperate need. Fred had little to give. His clothes were rags and his possessions were rags. The world did not want his rags, had no need of them.

But Fred had the mind to think and the capacity to speak. He shrugged off the rags of a beggar and put on the robes of a teacher. Not robes of cloth or colour, but abstract garments to shield his mind from idle thought and tune it to true purpose.

Dressed in his teacher’s robe and unclothed as a newborn, Fred spoke out into the darkness. Voices answered him, eager to learn. Fred bade them keep quiet to better hear his truths.

This was the first lesson of Fred: truth in silence.

Lesson 2

Fred spoke to the world and it grew silent to hear his voice. But the silence did not last.

Once his first lesson was heard, the people sought to learn it. The quiet broke then, as voices were raised in repetition and discussion.

Tired, Fred allowed his tongue to rest. He moved among the people, walking in the world, and listened to what they were saying. Fred learnt many things.

The most important lesson he learned was that, while the people remembered and understood all he had said, they had come to know nothing.

Peril remained and the world was in need. Fred unwound his teacher’s robe and set the student’s cap upon his head. Now he found a place to stand among the people, to hear his lesson and think on it.

This was the second lesson of Fred: wear two hats, think with two minds.

Lesson 3

An old man stepped into Fred’s path and raised a question. He wondered whether a man could wear two hats with but one head, find truth in silence when nothing is said.

Fred remained silent. He thought for a long while and, when the answer came to him, the old man had gone.

Still, he spoke his idea into the wind and waited in hope of an answer.

Can a man wear two hats with but one head? Can he find truth in silence when nothing is said? No, but a woman might.

This was the third lesson of Fred: two heads are better than one, if one is a woman’s head.


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