Past Inspiration Part 2

British Museum

This is a follow-up from my previous post, Past Inspiration. It contains images of artefacts from the British Museum, selected by me to inspire any NaNoWriMo contestant.


Of course, this replica of an Anglo-Saxon helmet from the Sutton Hoo burial site had to go at the top of the list. You may recognise it as the header image for my Wand King stories. It speaks for itself!


Sometimes the most intriguing items are not weapons or armour. They can be everyday objects, finely crafted to suit an individual owner’s personality. Like this medieval comb.

Saxon seax

This Anglo-Saxon or Viking seax (long hunting knife) is almost a short sword. Sharp on one edge, it carries an inscription of the owner’s name in runes. Silver and copper, or silver and brass wire was used in the inscription.


To the hunt!
To the hunt!

Medieval box

This item is particularly special because of the lost legend illustrated on its finely carved panels.

Hadrian's Wall letter

Lost legends are not always tales of mythology and kings. These are fragments of a letter from a Roman living behind Hadrian’s Wall to his/her loved ones at home.


Seen from this angle, it is all too easy to imagine how a medieval peasant would have felt staring up at an armoured knight.

Roman stylii

Not implements of torture, but a Roman writer’s tools.

Drink up, Saxons!
Drink up, Saxons!

Saxon shield

An Anglo-Saxon shield, decorated because why not impress your enemies before killing them?

Saxon rings

Where would these Saxon rings be found? Adorning the hand of a king, nobleman or bandit? Are they the rings of a sword-sister or shield-maiden?

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