Publishing Your Blog On Kindle


Here is something I did not know existed until recently, Kindle blogs. You can publish and read blogs via Amazon Kindle. The question; is this is worth doing for a blogger like you?

The short answer is no, don’t bother.

I have had a brief look into Kindle blogs from a publishing viewpoint and identified one crucial issue. You have to charge money for your blog. There is no option to download the blog for free.

This goes against the principle of my blog in terms of ethos and marketing. The same is probably true of yours.

I do not want my readers to have to pay (even if it’s as little as $0.99) for the stories, reviews and writing tips published here. It also makes no sense to market my books through a paid blog; asking readers to pay twice will only reduce the total number of visitors.

If you are tempted to use Kindle to bring your blog to a wider audience or generate extra revenue, there is an alternative. Something that I have been considering for a while is compiling my short stories from the Useless Book Club and publishing them as a Kindle anthology.

This adds value for readers as they can access all of the stories in one place, and in an easy-to-navigate format. You could do the same if your blog contains poetry, advice or other content.

The important factor is that by doing this you have changed your content by editing and compiling it. Selling your blog on Kindle seems to me like nothing more than fixing a price tag to it.

Until they allow free blog publishing, I will declare Kindle blogs to not be worth the trouble.

Find Kindle’s blog publishing page here.

15 thoughts on “Publishing Your Blog On Kindle

  1. I too discovered this recently, and I thought it was a marvellous idea. I didn’t think about it from the revenue angle, but reading blogs on an ebook reader would be a definite advantage, as it would be easier on the eye (literally) and would provide less distraction. I went through the whole process of signing up for it, thinking it would provide me with another platform for readership, as well as make life easier for my readers here. But, it isn’t available in my country. Also, when I did read about the pricing, I felt the same way about it as you did. Additionally, there is a fallacy in this because “free” blogs often contain copyrighted material like images, quotes, videos etc, that a blogger cannot claim money for without permission. It is why YouTube videos that are monetized get frequently removed. I couldn’t imagine being a blogger without quoting a pop lyric or contemporary author or movie once in a while. The freedom you get by writing a “free” blog is so much more. Until they have the free option, as well as provide the service in other countries, I don’t see how it will be a profitable idea, though it seems it has been around since 2009.

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    1. That’s a great point which I never thought about!

      Almost every post I publish has a header image. Although I do what I can, there’s no guarantee that they’re free of copyright. It would be a big risk to sell content which I don’t legally own.

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