The End Of The Road

End of road

The end of the road is in sight. There are now only about five chapters of Servants of Infamy (formerly White Rose) left to complete. Then there will be a process of updating the first three parts (as my writing has changed a lot since I started this novel), editing and trying to design a cover (before giving up and selecting a stock photo, most likely).

With all of that in mind, I will give a tentative release date of some time in February or the beginning of March. However, this could vary so keep an eye out for more updates!

What happens after self-publishing the novel? The picture above explains it quite well. While writing, you follow a road. It’s a set path from start to finish, if not always a straight one. Once you reach the end of the road, you’re out in the wilderness. There’s some marketing, promotion and feedback.

A lot of it is waiting to see whether the novel is a success or a failure.

If you have no idea what Servants of Infamy is about, check out these posts and extracts:

I’d write something else, but the last chapters are draining my words. Here, have some nonsense:

Jellyfish Maximus, the wisest creature of the ocean;

Scourge of sardines and enemy of anemones;

Where there’s a whale, there’s a way;


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