Cover Wars!

Recently, I have been very focused on covers. There are a few reasons for this: a minor copyright fracas (which you can have a nose at in the comments of this post), general feeling of “not quite right” and the need for a new cover for an upcoming book.

Firequeen True cover

This was the subject of my little copyright mishap. I foolishly used a royalty-free background image for the original cover (left). There’s nothing wrong with doing so, until it turns out that the webpage advertising it as royalty-free doesn’t own the copyright!

Particularly embarrassing if you happen to be a law student (who should know better!). But I prefer the new version (right) and the image is from Kindle’s stock collection so if there’s a foul, Kindle will be the one getting a red card.

REVISED COVER v cover New cover

The last two covers are very similar. But somehow the middle one felt off. The font is much clearer in the middle and I liked my addition of a crow in flight. But it didn’t reflect the story for me. Too bright and gentle.

I feel like the new cover (right) conveys the essence of the story far better. It’s rough sailing and things could go wrong in a very deadly way. Of course, I kept the background nautical for obvious reasons. Vikings!

… Looking at them again I feel like I prefer the original vegvisir (navigation wheel – left) cover.

SOI cover1 SOI - Copy SOI - Copy

It should be very clear that the latest version (right) is a work-in-progress. I’ve been sketching it out as I run through the editing process for Servants of Infamy. The white rose is unfinished, the fleur de lis isn’t symmetrical and a few other elements need to be moved around.

Other than that, what do you think of it so far? I feel like the jumpy antique font reflects the period, but is everything too cluttered in the middle? Should I get rid of the coffee stain?

As ever, I’m eager to hear your feedback – whether positive or negative! If you hate it, you’ll be doing me a favour by saying so!

10 thoughts on “Cover Wars!

  1. Hi – on my screen, all the covers appear in the centre, yet it sounds from your post as if you were expecting them to be left, right and centre aligned. Could WordPress accidentally have stripped out some of your formatting?

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    1. Ah no, now I feel foolish for not even trying that! I just meant the order they appear in. It got a bit muddled because I didn’t realise until after writing the post how many cover drafts I’ve been through and added more images after. Sorry for the confusion!

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  2. For servants of infamy, I like the added interest in the center one. I was just surprised that it was a coffee stain. The added depth is nice though, whatever shape that ends up in.

    For Vikingr, I still like the non-ocean cover. It implies the period, whereas the ocean feels stock-photo, and not story-centric.

    For Fire Queen, I don’t like any of the generations of this cover. All of the fire images feel stock-photo without regard to the story. The “fire” is a given from the title. I want something else on the cover: a young hand, an old hand, an amulet, a ring, anything but fire . . . I also find that the fire continues to distract from the title of the book which is something I know you’ve been continuously tweaking in font and color. If it must be fire, then possibly it could show a very particular thing burning . . .

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    1. Thanks, these are really useful comments! I was surprised too but the effect on the design software I’m using is labeled “coffee stain”. Maybe I should’ve kept that to myself… I’ll keep mulling over Firequeen and try to come up with something not fire-related

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  3. As you are well aware, I’ve had my own cover issues! So I know what you’re going through. I like the original non-nautical cover for Vikingr too.

    The flame on the Firequeen cover looks kind of blurry. Have you considered buying a high res stock photo from Shutterstock or iStock? They’re not that expensive.

    Of the 3 options for Servants of Infamy, I like the center one. Just one suggestion: the “M” in Malpas should be the same size as “JS”

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  4. Servants of Infamy: on the middle one the title is almost lost in the clutter. I think you’ll need to be very careful that the one on the right doesn’t go the same way.
    Vikingr: I like both the left and the right, but agree that the left hand one implies the period whereas the right hand one is too general..
    Fire Queen: I agree with Jaffakintigh that it really needs something more relevant to the story.

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