Welcome to the Useless Book Library! Here I will be attempting (gradually) to create a catalogue of short fiction, poetry and book review blogs. The list is still being built so expect it to grow.

They’re arranged by category and in alphabetical order, so it’s easy for you to navigate!

Short Stories

Alex West:

  • Alex West is an author who writes fantasy stories for adults and children. Find a teaser of one of their stories here. Their blog, Compulsive Writer is also down in the ‘Book Reviews’ category.

A Word of Substance:

  • A great blog for finding short stories. You can send in a picture of an object and it may be featured as the inspiration for a short story. For example, The Jar.

Counting Ducks:

  • Brilliant prose, poetic even. Have I put this in the right category? Find an example here.

The Drabble:

  • This is an excellent blog dedicated to posting original short fiction and non-fiction under 100 words. They also accept submissions! You can find a great short story set in London on The Drabble here.

Fictional Kevin:

  • This is a general fiction short story blog. But don’t mistake it for something average. Expect an informal narrative voice, witty jokes and everyday topics (relationships / love, for example). You’ll be struck by some clever turns of phrase and an end which gives you something to think about. Find an example here.

Papyrus of Imagination:

  • Writer of drama, comedy, romance and science fiction short stories. You can find an apocalyptic short story here on their blog.

Random Ideas of a Chaotic Mind:

  • Well, the title says it all really. They post funny and interesting short fiction. You can find one they posted which made me chuckle here.

The Creative Works of James Harrington:

  • Literature, Fiction, Fantasy, Writing, History and Advice all in one blog! I’m not sure if this is really a short story blog, but I had to put it somewhere!


Dean J. Baker:

  • This is the blog of published writer Dean J. Baker. You can read reviews of his work and find announcements about upcoming releases. There’s an announcement for you here.

Fiddler of Dooney:

  • Pranav Kapil uses this blog to post book reviews, letters, poetry and prose. Their prose style is itself poetic and an example can be found here.

Ingjard Odysseus:

  • I’m not big on poetry, or maybe I am and just haven’t realised yet. But on top of that IO has a lot of cool stuff to look at. There’s intriguing images and interesting facts about the ancients. Check out one of their poems here.

Trifle Thoughts:

  • Poetry and prose both in this exciting blog. You can discover A Letter to My Future Better, Smarter Half here.

Book Reviews

101 Books:

  • Listed in the Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers here.

Books and Hot Tea:

  • Books, Stories, Literature and Lifestyle!


  • Another on the Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers.

The Book Wheel:

  • Another in Story Cartel’s top 10.

Compulsive Writer:

  • This is the blog of the author Alex West, mentioned above under ‘Authors’. Their review of Writing About Magic can be found here.

English Historical Fiction Authors:

  • A place where historical fiction authors share their work and posts on the history of England.

Faster Than Faeries:

  • Here’s a blog set up by an English Literature student. They not only do reviews but they also paint and write. Find their review of Go Set a Watchman here.

The Ohioan:

  • Book reviews, opinions, photos and adventures can all be found on The Ohioan. They do book reviews, but here is a story about a cat I discovered there.

Paperback Discovery:

  • A self-proclaimed book-lover from Newcastle, England who studied Applied Biology (you can read about how they got started in this post). They have a witty and conversation writing style which really does a lot to get their audience involved in the review. Check out one of their review of The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass here.

Siuquxe Books:

  • Crime, action and thriller reviews. Find their review of Against A Rogue Group here.

Tumbling Books:

  • Also on Top 10 Blogs for Book Lovers.

What about you?

If you’d like to be put on one of my shelves, leave a comment below saying who you are!

Also, please let me know if I got any of your information wrong. Have I asserted that you compose sci-fi poetry when in fact you write romance novels? Leave a comment.


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