Dianne really is something special. Jason thought. She has the looks, the sense of humour, the intelligence. 

He could not help thinking how lucky he was that they had started dating. In the back of his mind, he knew other guys must have been interested in her. Who wouldn’t be? Perhaps she was seeing other people, he had no idea. It was only their third date after all.

His heart raced as she leaned closer, the scent of her hair filling his nose and making him light-headed. This was the night, he knew it. Things were shaping up to get serious between them and the look in her intense, chocolate-brown eyes said it all.

A high, piercing whine rippled out over the sound of the movie. Dianne looked around for the source of the noise.

Please, God, let her think it was a fly.

The sound came again, longer and more insistent. She was staring now, looking down at the spot where he sat. His head grew hot with embarrassment as she drew away. He tried to sit still, but the itch in his back had become unbearable.

Jason shifted again and his jeans creaked against the couch’s leather cover, a drawn-out buzz. He could not believe his eyes, but she was smiling at him. It was a look of warm affection that made his spirits soar.

“I’m really happy you feel comfortable enough to do that in front of me.” she said, a hot blush creeping into her cheeks.

A loud, rippling retort of flatulence came from her end of the couch. She had not moved. As soon as the noise had ended, Jason unfolded from his seat and cleared his throat.

“I’ll show myself out.”

Tor Redrock

Tor Redrock wasn’t the mountain’s highest peak or its most beautiful crag, though it soared above the barren valley below and shone crimson in the sun’s fading light. Still, something had drawn her to it.

Climbing the broken face, struggling over scattered stones and along forgotten paths, she felt alone. She was alone. That steep spire of red granite was no company, no comfort. But it drew her on towards the dwindling summit like a moth to an ember.

At the very tip of its tapering point the world of solid safety was swallowed by an expanding void of weightless air. She was afraid, trembling with every step. If she touched the needle’s point, she would be borne away by even the gentlest breeze.

But she wasn’t alone. Another had been pulled there, two flies snared on a spider’s thread. He was crouching just below the summit, looking down into the deep scar below. Did he understand? She reached out to touch his arm and knew that he did.

Tor Redrock held no secrets from them. They had known it was a lonely place, coming together by different paths.
He would never move, that forgotten adventurer. For an eternity, he would sit and watch the valley, understanding how alone he was without ever knowing.

She left him there and let careful footsteps lead her down the mountain. She had reached the summit and learnt the mountain’s secret. Something had drawn her there and now she knew what. She had been a moth drawn to a dying ember, but the light had burnt out. New, brighter fires blazed below.