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Welcome to the Useless Book Club. Gather here to read new fiction releases, reviews of historical fiction and fantasy novels,  as well as short stories and flash fiction!

There was a time when fiction was published in journals, one chapter at a time. You could buy a novel in instalments, for next to nothing.

That’s why this book club is here. I’ll be using it to periodically publish short fiction. Grouping these by series in the menu bar means you can click a title and read the story as it unfolds, as soon as it’s written, for nothing.

I appreciate any comments or criticism, and I hope you enjoy what you find.

Who am I?

Good question! I’ve always had an interest in war, crime and violence. Watching war films, crime dramas and reading historical fiction set during periods of conflict.

I studied Archaeology & Ancient History at university, including a fascinating module on conflict archaeology. This has had a great impact on my historical fiction, as I try to recreate life as it would have been for ordinary people rather than kings, queens and courtiers.

I’ve self-published three novels so far and you can find details of them below. Historical fiction and fantasy are the areas of fiction I focus on, but this is also a place where I can explore other genres (crime, sci-fi and more).

Find my Amazon author page here: amazon.com/author/j_s_malpas

My books

You can find my first novel Vikingr on Amazon Kindle by clicking here.

I’ve also written a historical novel set during the Wars of the Roses – Servants of Infamy.


Find the Useless Book Club on Facebook here.

My Goodreads page is here.

And you can +1 me on Google+ here.

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