Of Lilies And Marshmallow


It’s a typical Saturday evening. The dusk is about to hit the sky, it’s the kind of atmosphere one gets to see before the rains.
The cool breeze is taking over the warm climate; maybe it’s just one of those evenings that troll you into believing that it would rain.

Me and Her- we’ve not talked for an hour. No it’s not because of some fight; it’s just that the silence between us is being filled with invisible form of information being transferred from my phone to hers.

It’s going to take a while for those are 150 images being sent over Bluetooth.
Most of the images are the ones that we took at Barbeque Nation at dinner last week. We’ve not talked for more than an hour I guess; for my Wife was being indecisive about which picture she should put up as her Facebook DP even before…

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