Hello readers and writers! I need your help!

I can’t count all the times that I’ve wanted to write something, been itching to hit the keyboard, and my mind has been a void space. There’s nothing worse than having an idea drought, but there is one situation that comes close. It’s a rare event: an inspiration flood.

This isn’t just a little too much inspiration, seeping over the levies. This isn’t water tickling your toes. I’m talking about up to your neck in ideas and no idea which direction to swim in. I’m going through a period of being over-inspired.

How did this happen?

My mind is going through a phase of picking up on everything. It probably started with a book. I bought a narrative history of the Roman Republic and thought “Aha! I’ll write a historical novel set in ancient Rome!”

Then I was messing around on Google Maps and found a ghost town in rural North Dakota, USA. “That’s it! I’ll write a contemporary fiction about a Native American man who returns from war with PTSD and is forced to live out in the wilderness!”

But that’s not all. Oh, no it isn’t over yet. I watched a documentary and now my mind is filled with prehistoric Mycenaeans, Minoans, Hittites and Egyptians. It’s an epic narrative history seeking to explain the cataclysmic end of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean and Near East.

“Please.” You say. “Tell me that’s it. There can’t be more!”

A Norse longboat sails into the east, a land utterly uncharted and unheard of by its young crew. They are hunting for something. A fateful reunion, or blood on the sea? Only the gods hold the answers.

How can you help?

What do you want to read? I’d like to hear your thoughts on which of these ideas speaks to you. Which would you like to hear more about? I’ll sum up your options again:

  1. The gritty, brutal reality of life in the slums of ancient Rome. A human perspective on the mighty empire as told by its lowest inhabitant.
  2. Northern American wilderness in all of its sweeping majesty and darkly destructive force. Man surviving alone, desperately trying to reconnect with his past.
  3. The glorious Age of Bronze! Swords, spears and chariots. Fire, vengeful gods and cannibalism. Invasion and the birth of civilisation. Exodus, Iliad and Atlantis.
  4. Vikings! Exploration, mystical sagas and bloody betrayal.

21 thoughts on “What To Write? Help!

  1. Ohhh, that’s tough. My first choice would be #3, I have a love of Roman and Greek mythology. But then you threw in the Vikings. Love their fierceness (and mythology)…so, not much help, but an opinion to get you started 🙂

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  2. 2. Native American man trying to reconnect with his past. I’m watching Longmire on Netflix right now. Set in the State of Wyoming, near the border of the Cheyenne reservation, it has the quiet, brooding sheriff with a tragic past, a displaced female deputy, another hot young deputy gunning for the old man’s job and mysteries which take the sheriff and his team onto the reservation to clash with the tribal police. That’s what I’m into right now. Oh and a really awesome Viking story by an up and coming author!

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    1. That sounds like a great show! I might give it a watch.

      Thanks for casting your ballot. So far it’s 1 each for Native American, Vikings and Near East… I’ve got some decisions to make!


  3. I think all your ideas are good. And i think you could draft out your basic plot ideas for all your ideas then work methodically through each one by one. Great ideas. Ebook or publishing? I have a few book ideas too. Sometimes too much is overwhelming!

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  4. #3 with all the swords, cannibalism and everything else you mentioned there is very evocative. Leave the rest on the backburner for now, you can always write them later. Happy writing.

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