The First Covenant Introduction

Now with a new cover! What do you think? Will it draw the reader in?

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Keep an eye out for this fantasy novel, currently in the works.

What would you do for revenge?

Kai is forced to flee her home, her family have been imprisoned and murdered. But she will stop at nothing to reclaim what was taken and have revenge on those who robbed her of her birthright.

How much is she willing to sacrifice in order to gain the power she desperately craves?

The First Covenant is a fantasy fiction story filled with powerful magic drawn from mysterious sources, madness in the minds of kings, disease wasting armies, war tearing empires apart and betrayal corrupting noble men’s souls.

Even as the fire consumes the world, however, there is hope in the actions of a bold few with the ability to change the course of destiny. A woman with a powerful gift, a man with a child’s innocence, a warrior loved by the moon and a…

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4 thoughts on “The First Covenant Introduction

  1. I will be blunt because I know the writing is terrific. I think it is a terrible cover. It is hard to read the title because it is the same color as the fire. Also, the font looks like something from a slideshow. The fire itself appears pixelated from the thumbnail. I know you are a terrific writer, but with this cover I would not even bother reading a thirty word summary (if I did not already recognize your name).

    I appreciate the help you have given me in building my blog (and appreciate all the short stories you have written and shared) and would be more than willing to work with you in redesigning the cover, if you felt there was such a need. I have some knowledge with digital imaging.

    Below is an incomplete / rough draft cover for Through War, United. (rough draft / incomplete)

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  2. Wow, did you design that cover yourself? It’s great! I think I’ll revisit the font. I was using Kindle’s Cover Creator and the tools available are quite (very) limited… What’s that saying about craftsmen blaming their tools?


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